Driving brand and cultural alignment to improve employee and customer experience.

Great culture comes from having a shared ideology

In any business transformation or brand repositioning, culture change is often the most challenging component.

All business transformation, from restructures and mergers to brand makeovers, demand a change in understanding and behaviour from both leaders and employees that are often incongruous with entrenched cultural practices.

This is exacerbated by digital disruption and the increasing speed of change. Leaders recognise the need for more agile, innovative and customer-centric businesses, but the understanding and behaviours required are completely at odds with traditional corporate cultures built around operational excellence and efficiencies.

Don’t tell them what to think, give them a reason to believe

Whilst you can dictate business strategy and demand compliance, you can’t mandate how your people will feel about it or compell them to believe in the outcome.

It’s simply not possible to mandate culture, which is significant, as it’s your people who build your products, deliver your customer service and, ultimately, drive your business performance.

Great cultures are built on the back of strong, compelling ideologies, and it’s not enough simply to articulate your ideology and hope a few well-placed ‘values’ posters, a bit of employer branding and a video from the CEO will do the job.

You need to give them a reason to believe.

Successful brands are built inside out around shared ideologies

As part of our brand transformation process we can make sure your brand and culture are perfectly aligned:

  • We work with you to ensure your ideology is clearly aligned with your business strategy and properly embedded within your business; in the hearts and minds of your people.
  • We help clarify what your ideology means for them; for their team and for themselves as individuals?
  • We help articulate what they can do to bring it to life and, critically, how they can deliver a better customer experience.
  • We uncover what the organisation can do to support them and make it easier for them to do so.




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