Data-led brand building

We don’t build brands on gut feel. We use data and organisational identity analytics to build you a brand that is exactly right for who you are.

The old way doesn’t work anymore

Traditionally, brands have been built from the marketing department out. The problem with this approach is it’s your people who serve your customers and their beliefs, behaviours and actions ultimately determine your brand experience. That’s why to be successful in today’s economy, brands need to be built from the inside out.


How to see under the surface of your business?

For your brand to be meaningful to your people and your customers, it needs to be authentic to who you are as a business. The problem has always been, how do you measure and analyse organisational identity? Interviews, workshops and typical research methods, no matter how well they are done, can only ever provide anecdotal information that is open to interpretation and bias.


Organisational identity analytics lets us see your business as it is

DECODE•ID is a new organisational identity analytics tool that enables us to see your business like no one has ever seen it before. DECODE•ID uses data and behavioural science to uncover the motivations, characteristics, behaviours and culture that define your business’ identity. It strips away the biases and day-to-day noise to allow us to see your business as it really is.

Your brand can now be built more strategically

Armed with this clarity, the task of reinventing, rebranding or building an entirely new brand becomes much more strategic. It removes gut feel and intuition from the process of understanding who you are and sets a clear direction for our strategic and creative teams.


Bringing your brand to life

We bring your brand to life inside your organisation, through your culture, and externally through your customer experiences. We can design, develop and roll-out your entire brand programme, across every office and site, anywhere in the world.