Who we are

We are a brand consultancy that has been building brands from the inside out for over 30 years.

We are a diverse group of brand strategists, design thinkers, academics and writers. People who know that while products and services are easily replicated, it is impossible for your competitors to copy who you are and what you stand for.

Our clients often arrive at our door when they have reached an inflection point: a change in leadership or direction, a merger or acquisition, diversification into new markets, consolidation, or a business that has fundamentally changed, and their brand and culture no longer reflect the business they have become.

It is during these times that companies need to understand who they truly are.

The Ideology

The Ideology Identity Model is a simple framework for investigating and formulating identity. Ideology’s 15-minute Identity Survey, Identity Analytics and Profiling Tool, together with our robust process, then make the process of redefining and articulating who you are as an organisation simple and effective.








Our principles

Our principles guide how we think and act.

Think 10x

We’d rather aim to high and fail than aim too low and succeed.

Never give up

We’d rather aim to high and fail than aim too low and succeed.

Keep it simple

No jargon, no management speak, no bullshit.

Fail fast

We test, we learn and we keep improving.

Make today count

To make an impact every day we prioritise the things that really matter.